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Congress Discovers iPods, Marches Boldly Into 20th Century


Apparently, Ted Stevens, the Senator from Alaska, recently got an iPod from his daughter. Because he wants to be able to pull–oh, excuse me, rip–shows from the radio and play them on his iPod, he, backed up by Sen. John Sununu from New Hampshire, had a few questions for the RIAA and MPAA folks who want to bring the Broadcast Flag back under consideration for the 71st time.

Now a group has formed to buy iPods for all the Senators, so they too can learn the pleasures of digital content that the entertainment industry wants to deny them.

Personally, I’m glad Ted Stevens already has his, because God knows he’s gotten enough of this country’s money for some bridges, but hey, if this is what it takes to keep the entertainment industry spinning around until they finally implode…I’m good with that.

Pointer came via Boing Boing.