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Tom Baker Says

Update (3/28/2020): Alas, the site is long gone. However, they somehow released a single of “You Really Got Me.” Plus, you can still find the Buggles cover here. Skip ahead to 4:02 in to hear it in all its glory.

I realize we’re late to the party on this…but I remember seeing something about this and I don’t think it was clear to me what the hell it was all about. But I got it now. Tom Baker is the voice of British Telecom for when you send text messages to a landline–for a limited time. It sounds damn good, considering–since he recorded phonetic root sounds, you can make him say literally anything you want.

So, of course, somebody had to go and build a website around abusing this with hilarious results. High points are hearing Baker recite from Full Metal Jacket and Pulp Fiction, not to mention his Rex Harrison take on “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Wonderfully twisted.

Can one of our UK readers please snag him saying “Need Coffee Dot Com” for us? It would be much appreciated…