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The Brain is Only Functioning at Fifty Percent Capacity

A tantalizing tidbit of a show you didn’t get to see, from Webster Colcord. Hey, it’s got us written all over it: giant robot woken from sleep by a silent mixmaster and sent to defend the city? Sweet! Shame Nickelodeon passed on it.

Then there’s this, an animated piece of the Roger Waters music video for “What God Wants” (from the most excellent album, Amused to Death BTW), which shows the dark side of the “Power of Cheese”:

And here’s a great cartoon in which two would-be superheroes face off against zombies.

And another one that brings the lie to “Well, it’s not brain surgery.” Because here…it is. It’s the first episode of “Mad Doctors of Borneo,” which would, incidentally, make a great name for a band.

Skeletons, zombies, superheroes, robots…we love this guy. He’s animating our collective id, for Christ’s sake. Check out more of Webster Colcord’s stuff on his website.