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King of the Hill: The Complete Third Season (1999) – DVD Review

King of the Hill: The Complete 3rd Season DVD cover art


Series Created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels
Starring the Voices of Mike Judge, Kathy Najimy, Pamela Segall, Brittany Murphy, Johnny Hardwick, and Stephen Root


  • All twenty-five third season episodes

Released by: Fox Home Entertainment
Rating: NR (suitable for all audiences)
Region: 1
Anamorphic: N/A; episodes appear in their original 1.33:1 format.

My Advice: Rent it.

The devastating news at the end of Season Two was that Hank had to start selling propane at the Megalo Mart, then there was a huge propane explosion killing nearly everyone and burning Luanne’s hair off. Because of the explosion, Hank develops a fear of Propane and can’t take his old job back. In fact, he can’t even grill out on his own propane grill. It’s all downhill from there: Peggy takes a job as a substitute teacher and gets in trouble for spanking some children, Hank and Bobby get a chance to visit the Dallas Cowboys training camp and they get hell bent on convincing the team to move their camp from Witchita Falls to Arlen, and Hank and Peggy decide to go skydiving to prove that there are not getting old as their 20th anniversary draws nigh.

[ad#longpost]This third season of this show is hilarious. Judge and company have done it again. The situations in which they place the characters seem to get funnier and funnier with every passing season. The show is absolutely irreverent, but if you are not careful you’ll miss some of the best material. Some of the best lines of the show go to Boomhauer who is 99.9% unintelligible. Whenever he does open his mouth, you really have to be paying attention. One of the funniest plot lines of the season is watching Luanne’s hair grow back after having it all burned off in the first episode.

So, why, if this is an Emmy Award winning season of the show did they choose to break with the tradition of putting special features on the sets? This season has no special features on the set whatsoever. After having two seasons of this show with fantastic bonus features, they completely dissed us with this season. The nice thing is that they kept with the excellent packaging. I love the slim cases, I just wish that the discs weren’t dual sided, or at least, if the had to do that, why couldn’t have put some bonus material? I guess they ran out of things to talk about on the commentary tracks and there really wasn’t any reason to put together another featurette on the show, right? No mention, other than the cover, of the fact that this season won the Emmy. It’s a downright shame.

King of the Hill: The Complete 3rd Season

And it’s the reason why I’m only suggesting this season of the show as a renter. Obviously, fanatics of the show will already own it; otherwise don’t bother.

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