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Prepare for Emotional Manipulation on a Scale That Will Astound You

In a film that puts all American attempts to play with the emotions of viewers to shame, a Japanese film that will part your hair with its blatant and skin-blistering cuteness. You Can’t Make It Up posts the whole story:

“It’s called “Fox Cub Helen” (Ed note: Google searches have named it “Helen the Baby Fox”) or “Kogitsune Heren” depending on how you translate it. It’s about a boy living with no mom, with no friends who finds a deaf and blind fox cub.”

Sorry. Let me repeat that. “A boy living with no mom, with no friends who finds a deaf, blind and mute fox cub.”

They also are brave enough to post an embedded video of the trailer on their site. I’m not going to do that here, because it’s the cuteness equivalent of…well, you remember what happened to the kid’s eyes in The Day After, right? Right.

Now I’m going to evacuate this post and let all our readers squee.

Found via Defamer.