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A Corpse Bridal Shower

Prepare for a barrage of Burton. His latest, nominated for two Chazzies this year, was a fun stop-motion romp into kid-friendly morbidville. And for those of us with grown-up dollars to spend, you can continue to grab stuff based on the film–and, considering how Nightmare Before Christmas stuff is still coming out–you’ll be able to snag a never-ending cascade of stuff from here on out. So good idea to nab these while you can.

First up, the obvious: Warner Brothers has released the DVD…the film plus a decent array of extras: a Danny Elfman featurette, animation featurette, a talk with Burton about the origins of the film, the obligatory behind-the-mic featurette, a tour of the puppet workshop, along with interviews, behind-the-scenes stuff, and plenty of production and pre-production art, plus more.

Then something you might not know about if you weren’t paying attention to the toy realm: our friends at McFarlane Toys have released a special commemorative 2-pack of the Victor and his undead bride. These are, from what I can tell, different from the action figures that have come before in that they’ve been setup to match the poster. The eyes are the big difference, painted now to be looking at each other in their respective responses of smirking knowledge and dawning surprise and horror. Each have twelve points of articulation (neck, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, wrists, hips and knees), although, as you can see from the pic, these things are Nicole Richie-skinny, so be careful when posing them. They also come with Scraps, the skele-dog. Very nice.

For those that want that have little space, or like smaller bits, or just don’t want all the decisions associated with having that many points of articulation to deal with, check out the McFarlane Toys mini-figures, like the Land of the Living: Van Dort set shown above. They’re each about five inches tall or so, except of course for Pastor Gallswell (who was voiced by Christopher Lee–such perfect casting), whose hat makes him so tall that they had to detach his head to get him in the packaging. Nice.

McFarlane also has a line of Corpse Bride mini-plush figures, and I can’t tell you how good it does my morbid heart to think of some child somewhere cuddling a plush green maggot inspired by Peter Lorre. I know some of you are interested in the size of these things, so here we go: the Bride is around 13 inches, the skeleton children and the maggot stand about 6 inches tall, and Victor is 14 inches.

Interestingly enough, you’ve got “fashion dolls” of the Bride and Victor as well. To my knowledge, it’s not like there are other fashions to dress them up in…you don’t get a Beach Corpse Bride accessory pack or a Muscle Man Victor accessory pack or something. The Corpse Bride has no corvette. Granted, that would be cool as shit in my opinion. I think perhaps they have the same twisted idea I do: wouldn’t it be cool if this became the Goth version of Ken and Barbie? Dunno. I do know, however, that they’re about a foot tall a piece and they come in nice boxes that, for display purposes, match up so you can pose them side by side with their matching looks of confusion and longing. Or whatever.

Plenty of goodness for the lover of the film or those who think marrying a dead bride would be cool. We have a strictly “You don’t tell, we won’t judge” policy around here. So rock on.

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