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Weekend Recommendations: Books & CD

Reference Book of the Week: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan. Not exactly light reading, is it? But it wasn’t meant to be. When you start dabbling in the arcane world of JavaScript, as I have been, then you need this tome in your toolkit to help you out. Not for the beginner (or for the faint of heart) but just like all of O’Reilly’s stuff it’ll get you what you need to know and provides a good foundation for all the whacky crap you really want to do with the code. And, bonus, it’s heavy enough to use in a melee. (Buy it)

High Weirdness of the Week: The Templar Meridians: The Secret Mapping of the New World by William F. Mann. It’s no secret that I dig the hell out of Art Bell and Coast to Coast AM, so any time there’s a title like this I can grab…I do it. Here, in this Destiny release, Mann reveals how the Templars fled to the New World, carrying their treasure (a secret power!) with them, using their knowledge of cartography (a conspiracy?) to make it across the ocean and exploit the resources they found there. Whackjob? Maybe, but fun to read whatever you think. (Buy it)

CD of the Week: On an Island by David Gilmour. Be aware that while Gilmour is a piece of the grand tapestry that is Floyd–even a large piece–Floyd is not Gilmour. So while it’s got that Floydian feel, if you’ve never heard solo Gilmour before, it might not be what you’re expecting. Those of us who know are just happy as hell to see a new album in…God, how many years? This Sony release is a nice mellow, eminently listenable endeavor, featuring tracks like the title track, “This Heaven” and “Where We Start.” Won’t blow your hat off, but wasn’t designed to. (Buy it)

Comic-Related Book of the Week: Jack Kirby Collector #45. It’s hard to call this a magazine, because it’s so large. And it’s hard to call it a collection because it’s got so much stuff smashed into its eighty ginormous pages. Not only does it come with a previously unseen Kirby interview, Kirby art focusing on his trips through time (both forward and backward), a copy of Kirby’s first script, plus…Kirby in 3-D! With a lot more on top of all that. This is as much Kirby as you can buy at once without a prescription. So indulge in the TwoMorrows goodness. (Buy it)