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Someone Gave and Won

Well, life threw a couch on top of us. We won the Bloggie, we had the Chazzies to give out…and we’ve declared a moratorium on things that end in “ie” just so we can have some breathing room. Sadly, that means we’re behind on contests, and most importantly, declaring the winner of who won the February donations raffle whatchamacallity. So let’s fix that right now.

Amanda Henry is getting a big honkin’ box of McFarlane’s Dragons.

So now you know. And, in addition, let’s do March and let’s open it now till 4/15, since we need to give some time for people to donate, yes? Because as you may have noticed, I’ve moved some Amazon and other ads around on the site to see what works best, since while we’re doing well, we’re not to our goal yet. That’s how desperate I am to make this all work with no more money out of pocket than how we’re presently operating.

So anyway: this time around, we’re giving away two bigass Star Wars books: The Cinema of George Lucas and Creating the Worlds of Star Wars. We talked about them here. Just by themselves they’re $80…so $5 gets you a shot at winning them. Not too bad.

And, better, based on reader feedback…which, yes, we do listen to on occasion…we’re going to be running this like an actual raffle. For each $5 you donate, you get a chance to win. The more you donate, the better your chances of winning. What a deal, huh?

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So there you go. Give till it hurts. Then you’re halfway there.