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Every Girl’s Crazy Bout a Sharp-Dressed Baby

ScottC was nice enough to subject a young member of his a friend’s family to the kidswear we have in our CafePress store. The place is a mess right now, but if you want to help out us Loonies and make your kid a stylish individual, we’ve got a few things to pick from for the tiny people in your lives.

The slogan on the shirt, incidentally, is “Too young to NEEDCOFFEE, but my parents sure do.”

Hey, what can I say? When I came up with it, it just seemed unethical to put a flat out caffeinated URL on a nine-month old. Yes, even I have some shame.

Update: Is it wrong of me to laugh that a Google ad for “Biology Experiments” popped up next to a pic of Scott holding up a small child? And remember, if you answer yes, it won’t make me stop.