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Post-Rapture Pet Care


So you’re going to Heaven, right? You’re sure of it. What about Mittens, your cat? What about Jonesy, your parrot? What about Vlad, your wombat? You’re going to live in bliss while your animals, cute but soulless things that they are, are going to be stuck here in a sicko version of Homeward Hellbound. Not necessarily–thanks to selfless heathens like the folks at After the Rapture Pet Care or

If you have a non-Christian family member, they might take care of your pet, but if not, have you made any plans? Imagine being taken to streets of gold while your dog starves to death walking around in his own feces trapped in your small house or apartment, subject to fire and earthquakes or even being eaten by heathens searching for any remaining morsel of food. Do you want that to happen?

Of course you don’t. I might be able to take care of a couple of dogs, but cats make my skin fall off. So contact them today.

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