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James Bond Gets a Very Different Sort of Weapon in “Casino Royale”

Teddy bear gun

I think this didn’t make it into the shooting script:

Q: Well, you see, 007, this may look ridiculous but the teddy bear actually explodes upon impact. These have been known to put fist-sized holes into armored-plated vehicles.

BOND: Hmmm. All right, Q, I’ll…take your word for it.

(BOND leaves.)

Q: (snickering) Everyone! Everyone! He believed it!

(ALL laugh.)

M: I wish I could see the look on his face when he tries that on a tank.

Okay, we’re lying bastards. It’s really a teddy bear gun you use at Japanese wedding receptions.

Yeah, I know. The Bond thing seems more plausible. Found via Gizmodo.