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Blogging Fueled Today by…Boca Java’s Late Night Log In

Boca Java has a new line of gourmet coffees aimed at bloggers: Blogger Fuel. Smart of them, seeing as how nobody likes coffee more than whackos who sit on their butts typing all day. The diuresis that coffee brings on forces us to get out of our chairs every so often. So that’s a bonus. Anyway, they were offering to send out samples if we’d, you know, blog about them. We figured you can’t get a better fit than that.

So here we go. First up is the one you would think I would reach for first: “Late Night Log In.” The bag says, “Blog on with a very bold, dark roasted coffee blend of South American and island coffees. This coffee is rich with flavor and has a smooth finish.”

Well, for one thing, the fact that this was for “late night” led me to believe that it might have some kind of high (or at least above normal) caffeine content. It doesn’t, from what I can tell. No noticeable kick, but hey, it’s not like they meant to tease me.

For a second thing, I didn’t find the coffee to be particularly bold. Or rich. The part they got correct, at least from the batch they sent me (which has a “Roasted On” date on the back of the bag–very nice), is the smooth part. It’s not smooth at the finish, it’s smooth from start to finish. Smooth and exceptionally mild. This would probably be good for people who want to start their day with something mild rather than the blend I like which is “Boot to the Head” coffee (I make that one myself). Anyway, it’s a nice blend, just not necessarily for late nights.

Buy it from Boca Java.