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Top of the World and Naked, Ma!

Sherpas Gone Wild

A 25-year-old sherpa apparently reached the summit of Mt. Everest and then disrobed, standing with not a stitch on for three whole minutes. For those of you wondering, the temperatures up there can hit 100 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Apparently there’s been a huge brouhaha as this can be seen as sacrilege by some, who revere Everest as a “Goddess Mother.” Get the whole story here.

Last word was that the man’s testicles had crawled up into his body and refused to come back out again, speaking only to the press via their lawyer, who was filing a motion to have a restraining order slapped against the sherpa on behalf of his two clients. When asked how the sherpa was supposed to stay two hundred yards away from his own balls, the lawyer responded, “That’s not our problem now, is it?” The Goddess Mother herself refused comment.

Found via Fortean Times.