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Headsup: Warner Brothers TV on DVD Blitz!

That’s right, Warner Brothers attacks! Here’s a slew of recent TV releases and what you can expect from them. As always, for more info on WB DVD releases, you should check out their site here.

The Closer: The Complete First Season. Kyra Sedgwick has led this series to a lot of Best-of Lists. Maybe it’s her ability to look stern while delivering verbal beatdowns. Or maybe she seems to make eating a brownie one of the most sensual experiences on television. I don’t know. What I do know is that if you missed it when it originally aired, you might want to consider picking this up: thirteen episodes are here across four discs. Sadly, all you get bonus-wise are some deleted scenes. Maybe we can get a re-release with some commentaries and whatnot. But if you need to check it out before buying, check out a rerun or rent this thing. (Buy it)

Cheyenne: The Complete First Season. Western fans are no doubt pleased that this has hit DVD, the classic series starring Clint Walker as the quintessential wandering Old West hero, drifting from job to job and righting wrongs as he goes. Because of course, he’s a Good Guy and that’s just what you do, especially in a western. You get fifteen episodes here across five discs, and there’s actually bonus stuff as well, which is most welcome: you get a new interview with Walker and a retrospective featurette. (Buy it)

The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete Sixth Season. Things are back to normal as Bo and Luke return for good following their contractual hijinks from the previous season. And fans should probably pick this up if they want to make themselves feel better after the announcement about the upcoming prequel feature. You get all twenty-two episodes, plus a featurette touring the real Hazzard County, Georgia with the actors behind Cooter and Enos and a featurette on the General Lee. (Buy it)

F-Troop: The Complete First Season. Not to seem too terribly weird here, but check this out: guy shows a bit of stones by accident in the Civil War and winds up getting promoted because of it, finding himself posted out West. Okay…F-Troop or Dances With Wolves? Yeah, weird, huh? In this case, the Native Americans are played for laughs, as they’re more interested in creating souvenirs than attacking anyone. Anyway, fans of the series will appreciate the first season hitting DVD here across six discs. You get thirty-four episodes, but sadly, no bonus bits. (Buy it)

X-Men Evolution: The Complete Third Season. For those of you who enjoyed the movies and are looking for another X-fix (seeing as how it will take a while for Fox to get their act together on what they’re doing next), you’re actually probably safer checking this out than you would be going to the comics. That way lies madness. Magneto, Mesmero and Apocalypse all factor in to these thirteen episodes, where the X-folks find themselves exposed to the world at large, and humanity and mutantkind don’t always mix well, you know. These two discs do come with bonus bits, such as Mutant Files on the characters, a trivia challenge, and a season summary featurette. (Buy it)