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GumRunners Say Chew More, Do More; We Say Hell Yes

We’re a little behind the news cycle on this, but you may have heard how a twelve-year-old in Pittsburgh was suspended for sharing some Jolt caffeinated gum with a classmate. The reason for the suspension is because stimulants aren’t allowed in the school and are cause for suspension. Of course, if you buy a soda from the school vending machines, that’s okay because the school no doubt gets some kickbacks from the deal. So this is probably the school protecting their stimulant monopoly.

Anyway, GumRunners, the folks behind Jolt Gum have decided to give the student, Courtney Rupert, a little pick-me-up that can’t get her suspended: a scholarship. Good on them and good on Courtney. Read about the whole thing here.

And Courtney: I was a victim of public schools. You eventually recover and can become somewhat educated despite the trauma. Hang in there.