Knight Rider Prequel?

Okay, so, try this, right? Michael Knight has fallen on some serious hard times. It's him and KITT (who's now just on a computer chip) out on the streets after the Knight Foundation has shuttered. However, crime still needs to be foiled, right? So Michael finds a derelict car and, working with KITT, and some culturally significant whiz kid minority archetype (we'd have to check polls to see which one we should use--maybe shoot multiple pilots), they piece together a new KITT out of a derelict car and spare parts cobbled together from Radio Shack dumpsters. So the new KITT would look like this.

DIY ethic + new spin on empowering the homeless + eco-friendly recycling focus + chase scenes where shit's falling off the car at speeds above 35MPH = action gold. I think we should pitch it to Spike TV. What do you think?

Wait, where are you going?

Found via MAKE Blog.

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