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Knight Rider: The Ultimate KITT Car

Knight Rider Prequel?

Okay, so, try this, right? Michael Knight has fallen on some serious hard times. It’s him and KITT (who’s now just on a computer chip) out on the streets after the Knight Foundation has shuttered. However, crime still needs to be foiled, right? So Michael finds a derelict car and, working with KITT, and some culturally significant whiz kid minority archetype (we’d have to check polls to see which one we should use–maybe shoot multiple pilots), they piece together a new KITT out of a derelict car and spare parts cobbled together from Radio Shack dumpsters. So the new KITT would look like this.

DIY ethic + new spin on empowering the homeless + eco-friendly recycling focus + chase scenes where shit’s falling off the car at speeds above 35MPH = action gold. I think we should pitch it to Spike TV. What do you think?

Wait, where are you going?

Found via MAKE Blog.

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