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Snakes on a Plane: The Board Game

Cobra in the Cockpit

The movie Snakes on a Plane has managed to gain a bigger following by embracing its sheer idiocy than most films could ever dream of achieving by trying to keep a stiff upper lip. Now it’s taken the next step into utter lunacy by inspiring a completely and totally unauthorized board game, Cobras in the Cockpit. I’d obviously have to play it before I could make a full verdict, but I’m sold on the concept alone. Check out the website here.

Now that it has inspired a board game I will hereby pledge one dollar to the first person to come up with Snakes on a Plane: The Musical.

Knowing the way the interweb works I’m about to receive a deluge of YouTube links revealing that somebody did it already, like a week ago.

Found via Defamer.

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