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Want to Inspire Revolt in the Workplace?

Business Reply Revolt

I don’t know how many people out there do this, but when I get something in the mail from a particularly obnoxious company or group wanting my money, I like to punish them a tiny amount in a very passive-agressive way. Simply take the “return postage paid” envelope, stick some of the stupid paperwork they sent you inside (I never include the ones with my name and address, by the way), and put it in the mail. You can rejoice that you’ve just cost that company or organization the price of the postage.

In the spirit of this minor retaliation, The Centennial Society has come up with a sixteen-page color pamphlet that one could use in this way to… well… inspire some serious revolt in the mailroom for which the junk mail is destined. Some of the pages are cartoony NSFW, so view at your discretion.

Found via Consumerist.