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Headsup: More TV on DVD!

Alice. Linda Lavin stars in this tale of a would-be performer who wound up with a broken down car in Phoenix with her son, and just sort of hung around because she just couldn’t go any further. A staple of television watching for nine seasons, it’s getting a sampler treatment here from Warner Brothers in the third wave of their TV Favorites line. Other shows have gone from being Favorites to getting boxed sets, so if you want to see this hit in its entirety (much less Flo), go ahead and snag it. It comes with six episodes from various seasonss. For more info, check out the official website here. (Buy it)

Amazing Stories: The Complete First Season. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been jonesing for this anthology series for a while now, and it’s here from Universal–all twenty-four episodes across four discs. Granted, my favorite–the Christopher Lloyd Halloween episode–will need to wait till next time. But regardless, this is chock full of great stories and killer casts, including Drew Barrymore, Sid Caesar, Mark Hamill, Harvey Keitel, John Lithgow, Kiefer Sutherland, and Sam Waterston. Also comes with deleted scenes. (Buy it)

Dallas: The Complete Fifth Season. As we brace ourselves for the feature film version, fans of the series will be glad to see the original continuing to hit DVD on a regular basis, with all twenty-six episodes of this season spread across five discs. There’s plenty of what you grew to expect from this prime time soap: suicide attempts, adultery, power grabs and plenty of general family angst to go around. You also get a tour of the real Southfork Ranch. Check out the official site here. (Buy it)

[ad#longpost]The Girls Next Door: Season One. So what is it like to be part of Hugh Hefner’s personal harem? Well, this Fox release will give you an idea at what a rough life Mr. H must lead. And hey, you can feel pity for him while enjoying the blondes that make up our three “protagonists.” They get ready for photo shoots, they get ready for parties, they take trips…it will either be your thing or it won’t, that’s for sure. There’s fifteen episodes here plus the pilot presentation across three discs, commentary on every single freaking episode, deleted scenes, personality quizzes, and a still gallery. (Buy it)

The Incredible Hulk: The Complete First Season. How can you not enjoy this show? It was the same show every week! Bill Bixby wanders in someplace, somebody screws around with him, he warns them with his signature line, of course they don’t listen, and then a green Lou Ferrigno appeared and opened up a vat of whoopass on them. In fact…have you seen Ferrigno recently? Dude has not aged. Freaky. Anyway, after a sampler pack we get the full first season from Universal, with ten episodes. The pilot episode comes with a commentary (held over from a previous release) and you also get a bonus episode from the second season. (Buy it)

Step by Step. Two single parents run off, run into each other, fall in love and wind up getting married, lumping their kids in together and causing them all to learn to make the most of the situation. This idea has been used more than a few times for comedy, but here it’s Patrick Duffy (not a dream!) and Suzanne Somers taking the lead roles. This is another release from the third wave of the TV Favorites and comes with six episodes. So if you want to see more of this title on DVD, better grab it now. For more info, check out the official website here. (Buy it)