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DragonCon 2006: Our Friends and Sponsors

Okay, there’s a lot of folks who need thanking. As always, we find the best way to thank people is to shower them with love and coin. All the logos and pics you see here are eminently clickable–and they’re all from folks who donated time and/or swag to making this final DragonCon Gonzo Film Fest the best ever. Our minds boggled, then yahtzeed, when we totalled all this up.

And extra special thanks to:
The creators of Venture Bros., Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer for bringing a premiere episode to the party, and of course special thanks to Doc Hammer for creating an absolutely incredible poster.
Also, Ned Hastings and all the folks at Adult Swim came out as always,
Patton Oswalt for signing a bunch of DVDs for us,
John Hodgman for sending over books, hobo chalk and other important information,
Neil Cicierega, my archenemy, for sending over videos,
Paul Dini and Misty Lee for bringing their show on the road this direction,
and of course Dana Snyder, Ken’s archnemesis, for coming to hang with us (while we can still afford him).