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Bulletin from the Ministry of Naughty Bits: Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered

Released by Docurama/New Video

As your Minister of Naughty Bits, I wanted to bring to your attention that the Ministry will be issuing bulletins to keep the public advised of media that deals with the sexy. Because it’s all about the sexy. This is all for your health, so grin and bear it.

In this bulletin we have a documentary, Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered, that exposes and probes this famous 70s porno. While there’s plenty of action in the movie, all the real action happened off screen. You have the actual Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders engage in some hot litigation, the FBI develop a major bust that causes a major Mob boss to drop dead from all the excitement, and you have the missing star that seems to be harder to find than that condom you need because the hot girl you picked up is getting naked on your bed right now.

The disc comes with a second documentary, Diary of a Porn Virgin, where we get a peek at the modern porn industry through the experiences of three newcomers: Frankie, Sahara, and Lee. We see that with smut becoming more legitimate, the three feel reasonably secure into entering the porn world. But it is still an industry where you have to deal with long hours and the high stress of “performing.” And it’s also entertainment. Sahara, a woman of Middle Eastern descent, a rarity in porn, has much more success than the other two. Having these two documentaries hook up on this DVD is a coupling you don’t want to miss.

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