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Robert Anton Wilson Needs Your Help, Part 2

Robert Anton Wilson You Are a Pope T-Shirt by Giant Robot

The Lady Porphyre points out that Giant Robot has a most excellent shirt for Robert Anton Wilson (showing here), of which a solid $10 goes to RAW to help him out.

In fact, Boing Boing posted an update that blows my mind and the minds of others here at Needcoffee HQ. Here’s a snippet:

Bob called me to say that he couldn’t believe people would care so much about him and as we talked (which isn’t easy for him at this point) he was overcome with emotion more than once. He is so touched and RELIEVED at the possibility of staying in his home. He kept repeating to me his deep felt appreciation and disbelief that people would care so much about him.

What blows our mind is not that he has enough coin now to be able to stay in his home, what blows our mind is that he’s actually surprised that the community at large would rise up to watch his back. He means a great deal to all of us. I hope now he realizes how much. Thanks to everybody who helped out. Please continue to do so. Check the Boing Boing link here for info on how to donate.