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Bulletin from the Ministry of Naughty Bits: Sexual Intelligence

Released by: Docurama.

As your Minister of Naughty Bits, just a quick reminder that the Ministry will be issuing bulletins to keep the public advised of media that deals with the sexy. Because it is and always shall be all about the sexy. It’s good for you, got it?

Now. Let’s be honest, sex education in this country is a joke. And a bad one at that. You may learn what a vagina is, but you don’t learn how to appreciate its beauty. You may learn what a penis is, but you don’t learn about how attitudes towards it have changed throughout history. And God forbid people should learn that putting those two things together can be fun and enjoyable. So Docurama gives us Sexual Intelligence, presented by–who else–Kim Cattrall (Sex in the City).

She exposes us to the physical, mental, and even spiritual aspects of sex. While some may be disappointed that the focus is on the basics, remember you have to learn the missionary position before you can attempt the Venus Butterfly. And even I, your Minister of Naughty Bits, learned about ‘ballooners’ from this DVD. Extras added for your pleasure include a featurette on how the animations in the show were designed, a video of a song, “Speak Slow” by Tegan and Sara, feature in the show, and a brief biography of Kim Cattrall.

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