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Gimme a Head With Hair? Hai!

One of the high points of my career in local theatre was playing Claude in a production of Hair. It was a hell of a lot of fun and I don’t think I embarrassed myself anymore than I normally did on stage. So it is as a member of a cast of the show that I offer up to you the weirdest thing you will hear this week: a cast recording of the 1971 cast in Japan that WFMU posted.

And once your eyelashes stop aching, you can check out their other star musical offerings: Japanese Jesus Christ Superstar, including a Judas that screeches when he can’t hit the notes, and the Norwegian Rocky Horror Picture Show, including “En Hip Transvestitt,” where the singer sounds like he’s having waaay too much fun. That latter one actually sounds like it would be fun to watch, honestly.

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