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MobZombies: Get Off Your Ass, Barbara, They’re Coming For You!

What is MobZombies? Basically it’s a handheld game where you’re being chased by zombies. No, we mean it. You’re being chased by zombies–as in run or they’ll catch your ass on the screen and then it’s all final reel of Day of the Dead. Well, albeit on a pixel-art scale, but flesh-feasting is flesh-feasting even if it’s not photorealistic. But yes, the game keeps track of your movement as you try to hightail it to relative safety, or blow the piss out of the approaching horde.

Knowing my dumb ass, I’d be head down looking at the handheld console and not notice the concrete column I was headed for until I had rendered myself unconscious with it. Talk about a stupid way to greet the apocalypse.

Found via Boing Boing.