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Bulletin from the Ministry of Naughty Bits: Transgeneration

Transgeneration DVD

Released by: Docurama.

As your Minister of Naughty Bits, one of my more pleasurable duties is issuing bulletins to keep the public advised of media that deals with the sexy. Because it’s all about the sexy. And I’ve never had defective sexy to worry about.

While all our bulletins focus on the naughty bits, today’s selection is really about naughty bits. Specifically if you have the wrong naughty bits. The documentary/miniseries Transgeneration covers the lives of four young people, Raci (MTF), TJ (FTM), Gabbie (MTF), and Lucas (FTM) who are dealing with being transgender along with the usual headaches of attending college. The four subjects are all very different even though they all have issues with their gender. All come from very diverse backgrounds and all have very different attitudes to how they present themselves to family, friends, and lovers. For instance Raci hides her transgender status from her classmates while Gabbie is extremely open about the subject. The audience can get to see being transgender from several different angles and get a better view. And while the only extra in this Docurama release is some deleted scenes, watching these college students literally becoming new people is an education.

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