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Comments are Closed.

Yes, well, I didn’t want to have to do this, but they’ve left me no choice. I just spent the last four hours trying to batten down the hatches against a comment spam attack that you would not believe.

That’s right–four hours, from one in the morning till five in the morning on Christmas–fighting off a comment spam attack. That may be why any of you other lunatics who are up right now couldn’t reach the site.

We were getting pinged a few hundred times from each IP address. I’ll probably post something over on my blog with the gory details about what I’ve learned, but given a choice between comments being open and the site being up, I’ll take the site being up. I’m sure you would agree. If I’m understanding what the tech folk at Dreamhost are telling me, then making the comments open only to registered people wouldn’t help matters. Again, look for gory details soon.

Otherwise, I’m sorry as hell to have to close down the comments, but at this point, if you want to give feedback on the site, hit us up on the Gabfest. Suffice to say WordPress is many things and a glorious piece of work but it plus all the plugins in the world won’t save your ass if they really want to come after you.

Comments will come back when somebody can come up with a way to get them open again without taking the site down. And that person will get swag from me, rest assured.

Update: Gory details are here.