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Where Doritos Go to Spawn

Doritos Beach

Rare photos of the beach in North Carolina where Doritos go to lay their eggs. Females can be identified by the red bags that they adorn themselves with, while males are decked out in their best blue colors. As you can see by the piles of red and blue, mating is a time of serious competition for Doritos.

Once the eggs have been laid, the Doritos will return to the sea. In roughly two months, tiny little bags of Doritos (normally the 3 oz. variety) will pop out of the sand and make for the water. They do so in droves, although only less than half of the bags will make it to safety. Gulls are normally standing by with sour cream dip and hummus to prey upon them. It’s harsh, but that’s the life of snack foods in nature.

Original article, or some variation of it, found here. Certain liberties may have been taken. Kinda. Headsup from Neatorama.

Update: The original article is dead…stick with the Neatorama link.