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Walt Disney Treasures Go The Way of All Flesh

Walt Disney Treasures: On the Front Lines

Well, if you recall those limited edition Walt Disney Treasures releases that, every single time they came out, I strongly suggested — nay, commanded — that you go and grab them while you could? Well, I hope you listened when you had the chance. Leonard Maltin himself has confirmed the whole line has been given the axe.

Why? No idea. Considering that the majority of the titles released as Treasures have sold out in their entirety, it can’t be for lack of popularity. Or perhaps they priced them too low. We’ve noted that with each ensuing wave of releases, the packaging quality has steadily deteriorated in much the same way as an old significant other slowly pulled away from you because he or she just wasn’t into being with you that much anymore. The magic seemed to be ebbing away.

Kudos to Maltin for carrying the torch as long as he could. Grab the titles that are out while you can. And I’d say that we could hope there was some logic or sense behind this decision, but Disney is still Disney. And we all know they’re allergic to good sense, even with a nice infusion of Pixar in their veins.

Found via Cartoon Brew, where there are links to other places that have writing campaigns and such. Good luck with that.

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