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Soundwave From the Transformers, Now With MP3s

Transformers: Soundwave MP3 player

That’s right, it seems so bloody obvious in retrospect, but it’s here, available for pre-order aaaaand already sold out. Which also seems pretty bloody obvious considering the geekgasm a working Soundwave MP3 player induces. Bear in mind that when you click through, you will see the concept art, not the final paint job. Also we have heard a rumor that this updated Soundwave also comes with updated versions of his companions as well. No longer cassette tapes, Ravage is now an iTunes gift card and Laserbeak is an RIAA cease and desist notice.

If you’re too busy thanking your lucky stars that it’s sold out and you won’t be tempted, then click here instead. And for the record, “Convoy” is a Japanese name for Optimus Prime–this has nothing to do with the Kris Kristofferson movie.

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