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Comments Back Up; Feed Slightly Strange

Okay. Comments are back up. All over. I can see the spam coming but we’re able to take it for the moment. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, if the fit hits the shan, then I’ll slam the door again. But for right now, welcome back to the comments. I’ve missed them, if you can but dig it.

Now–for your awareness, another issue I’m trying to work. For some strange reason, the feed will pop old posts back up as though they were new and/or edited. I’ve seen this on Bloglines and some other readers, but not on Google Reader. I believe this is because Google Reader will process a post once and if it changes later on, it just ignores it. I’m trying to nail down where the problem is at this point, although it seems to be happening to some other sites too. I think it’s a WordPress issue, but I’m not sure yet. So–if you’re seeing this, my apologies. But I’m trying to figure it out. In the meantime, you should be able to tell Bloglines to ignore edited posts and that will be a workaround if you use that reader. And, of course, if anybody has any ideas about WTF is happening, all ideas are welcome. Even the ones about extra-terrestrials.