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Bulletin from the Ministry of Naughty Bits: Pink Box: Inside Japan’s Sex Clubs

Ministry of Naughty Bits Seal

Written by: Joan Sinclair.
Published by: Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

As your Minister of Naughty Bits, I wanted to bring to your attention that the Ministry will be issuing bulletins to keep the public advised of media that deals with the sexy. Because it’s all about the sexy. This is all for your health, so grin and bear it.

This selection takes us across the Pacific to the land of the Rising… Sun. In the new book, Pink Box: Inside Japan’s Sex Clubs, Joan Sinclair gives us a tour of the Japanese sex industry, or fuzoku, rarely seen by Westerners. Since the various sex clubs have to be seen to be believed, the book is primarily photographs. This book runs the gamut from the simple pleasures of buying expensive drinks for a little attention at hostess bars to the complex sets and costumes customers can request at image clubs. Any fetish can be indulged–from voyeurism and breast worship to green gel play and messing with an anatomically correct doll. The pictures show the dichotomy of selling fantasies and fetishes with the straightforwardness of ordering sushi and sex workers whose jobs induce more giggles than shame. The book is a little pricy but the glimpse you get into how another culture approaches the most beautiful and natural event money can buy is worth it.


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