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Congrats, Kim and Mike

Well, they’ve made it doubly official: Kim and Mike, better known to all of you (and several law enforcement agencies) as Oblique Red and Tuff Diddy, are married.

What’s terrifying is that they met at one of our Gonzo Film Fests–which just goes to show you that caffeine truly brings people together. What’s funny, though, is that the first time Mike saw Kim, she was doing a Shatner “Rocket Man” impression. Hey, wait, we’ve got a pic of that…

And the reason Kim fell for Mike is obvious: no man wears a jiffy-pop hat like our man:

And here’s them at a later Film Fest, broken into pieces at a bit of British comedy…but broken together at least:

Too cute. Congrats, guys. May your geek love shine for eternity.