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Li’l Cenobite Screen Test: Hellraiser Babies Coming Soon to TV

Bunnyhead the Cenobite

This nice young man is sporting the headgear of Bunnyhead, one of the Li’l Cenobites, an attempt by Clive Barker to break into the kids show biz. Pilot script is reported to have the tag line of “They’ll tear your room apart.” Also, in this version, the Lament Configuration is actually a jigsaw puzzle that forms a picture of an Elmo-like character, who’s covered in strange sigils instead of fur. Once the last puzzle piece goes into place, the Li’l Cenobites show up and wacky adventures ensue.

Okay, I’m just making shit up again. Sorry. This is actually The Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys over at Hanttula, where pics of stuff animals in various states of destruction are on display for your amusement.

See? On second thought, the Barker show would be less disturbing, wouldn’t it?

Found via Neatorama.