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Fantoma’s Spring 2007 Release Schedule

Black Test Car DVD cover art

Fresh off of their top-selling DVD for THE FILMS OF KENNETH ANGER VOLUME 1, Fantoma Films returns with a pair of top releases that showcase the quality DVD presentations and great films that Fantoma is known for.

Coming in May – From the director of RED ANGEL, BLIND BEAST, and GIANTS & TOYS

Yasuzo Masumura’s

“Absolutely brilliant…” – Toronto Eye Weekly

It’s industrial spy vs. industrial spy when rival car companies roll out their latest test models. Frenzied boardroom meetings ensue while trade secrets are revealed in the backroom and in the bedroom. Careers are made and ruined and souls are bought and sold for the slightest competitive edge.

Japanese New Wave Master Yasuzo Masumura’s darkly hilarious satire of the Japanese auto industry takes industrial espionage to James Bond-ian heights of deceit, blackmail and mayhem. Fantoma is proud to present BLACK TEST CAR for the first time in the U.S., uncut and in its original DaieiScope aspect ratio.

– New Digital Widescreen Transfer (2.35:1), Enhanced for 16×9 TVs
– Theatrical Trailer
– Photo and still gallery
– Yasuzo Masumura Biography and Filmography

BLACK TEST CAR will be available on May 22, 2007 at a retail of $19.98.

Coming in April – Now at $49.98!

“These collections rate an A+. Good show”. – DVD

Generations of American children sat in dark classrooms and absorbed wisdom in the form of 16mm educational and social guidance films. Through the flicker of dim projector bulbs and the warble of optical soundtracks a blueprint for better living in the Atomic Age was spelled out in no uncertain terms. Now, just as you remember them, a special collection of rare educational films, ranging in date from the late 1940s to the early 1980s. Some historical, some hysterical and all filled with more important misinformation than you can digest in one viewing. Fantoma Films presents this special four volume DVD set, over 8 hours of mis-education in a limited metal lunchbox, complete with working thermos, now at the reduced price of $49.98. Once these puppies are gone they are long gone, so get them while you can!

THE EDUCATIONAL ARCHIVES LUNCHBOX will be available at its new price as of April 24, 2007.