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Mountain Dew to Hit in Aluminum Bottles

Mountain Dew aluminum bottle, designed by Troy Denning

In a first for the U.S., a carbonated soft drink is going to be available in aluminum bottles. That is coming from Mountain Dew, but it’s only in select markets, and only from May to October. Although if they sell like mad, you can expect another round of it, I’m sure. So if you like it, buy it.

Anyway, to draw more attention to this endeavor, they’ve snagged over a dozen artists to make limited edition designs for the bottles. That’s one from Troy Denning you can see there.

We’ve got a full list of the artists after the break, but if you want to see their flashy site that shows all the art and more, check out Green Label Art.

Bottles have been designed by:

  • TWEEQiM (miQ wilmOtt and THUY3) – vinyl action figures/toys; LA
  • Troy Denning – tattoo artist; NYC
  • Peat Wollaeger – stencil artist; St. Louis
  • Mark Nardelli (created two designs for 5 Boro) – skateboard graphics designer; NYC
  • jeffstaple – sneaker and apparel designer; NYC
  • Methamphibian – sneaker and apparel designer; NYC
  • Chris Pastras (with P-Rod) – skater/artist; LA
  • Adam Juresko – collage artist; Richmond, Va.
  • Dr. Revolt – graffiti artist; NYC
  • Chuck Anderson – photo illustration artist; Chicago
  • J.T. Woodruff (for Hawthorne Heights) – lead singer/painter; Dayton, Oh.