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Zombie Hunter Widge

Seibei. Home of many swank shirts, not to mention the Intramural Zombie Hunter League shirt, which many of you have already partaken of.

How, oh how, can they possibly improve? Well, they could open a new online shop. Done. And they could start their own affiliate program by which they could give me a code that I could in turn give to you so you could get 10% off all their stuff for forever and always. Done. The code is “Needcoffee.” I know, it doesn’t have much of a ring to it but you’ll cope.

So give them coin and love. And do so with our code. Because every little bit helps.

P.S. Since Seibei has just recently moved, it’ll be a week before IZHL shirts come back online and then after that, IZHL track jackets shall appear.