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Threadbared: Well Executed Smackdowns of Scary Retro Fashions

What Fresh Hell Is This?

The Internet was originally designed for military purposes. Because mankind’s first inclination is to kill things. However, when that is not practical or feasible (or something one can escape from without repercussions), we switch to our second inclination: mockery.

Thus, the Internet has evolved into a wealth of information, yes, but also mostly a chance for people to snark off at will about anything and everything. People all over the Interweb have drawn up their jurisdictions as to what it’s their sworn duty to slap around. For example, we drew Joel Schumacher’s name out of the hat. The folks at got fashions from yesteryear. Which is handy, especially if they had already nabbed that URL.

Go and enjoy. And try not to think about what they’ll be saying about what you’re wearing twenty years from now.

Update: Sadly, the site is quite dead. Alas.

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