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Reminder: Intramural Zombie Hunter League Shirts from Seibei

Hard out here for a zombie hunter pimp

Yes, our very own Unidentified Madman is demonstrating for you just how grateful the ladies can be when you’ve saved them from a zombie horde. It’s a rough life, yes.

Now, we’ve talked about IZHL shirts before. Why am I bringing them up again? Is it partly to try and get you to order some so we can receive kickbacks? Well, honestly, yes.

But mostly it’s this: if you were considering getting some to wear for your Halloween shindig, this is your reminder. Go ahead and order it now. I ordered some of these for Xmas last year (they make great gifts) and they were delayed just because the fine folks at Seibei just got absolutely swamped with requests for the shirts. So I say give it plenty of lead time to make sure you get yours in and can be duly garbed for the best holiday of the year.

Go here. Order away. Use “needcoffee” as your code to get 10% off. And stay vigilant.