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Happy Birthday, Terence Stamp

Thanks for General Zod, first of all. I mean, we are all geeks here. So. You knew that was coming.

I’m one of five people on the planet who liked Superman 2 better than the original. Just because I loved the idea of a three on one Kryptonian throwdown. And Stamp is the guy who sold it.

Of course, he’s done plenty beyond that. My favorite in recent memory is Steven Soderbergh’s little seen The Limey. I couldn’t find the bit online where he gets kicked out of a place and stomped a bit, then has them say hello to his very little friend (which I loved), but after the break is another bit that’s almost as good. Sorry for the subtitles.

The Limey is fascinating because of how the film is structured. I won’t say anymore lest I give something away, but if you pay attention throughout you can spot what I mean. Well worth watching.