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Gumby, The Living Bomb

Gumby, dammit

TwoMorrows has so much good stuff that I can’t keep up, I swear. So I was reading BackIssue! #16 and the interview by Michael Eury with Arthur Adams. Adams has done much in the way of badass work, including one of my favorite Marvel two-parters, the X-Men/New Mutants/Asgard storyline from back in the day. He, of course, has done scads of work before and since, and did the artwork on two Gumby specials. So here’s the bit I wanted to share:

EURY: Do you think that Gumby and Pokey could be terrorists?

ADAMS: Not on purpose, but they might accidentally do something where high jinks might ensue.

EURY: Like what?

ADAMS: They might accidentally get some plastique mixed in with their bodies, you never know.

EURY: That would be pretty cool: Gumby, living bomb.

ADAMS: Exactly. He doesn’t know it, but we, the audience, know it.

EURY: There’s your third chapter in the Gumby trilogy.

ADAMS: Oh, my God, at any moment, Gumby could go off! [laughs]

I am going to be thinking about Gumby The Living Bomb for a week now. I hope you two gentlemen, sick as you are, are happy.

Image: Ohlone College.

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