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Analyzing Star Trek’s Red Shirt Phenomenon

Wordpress red shirts

We have here an in-depth analysis of the Star Trek red shirt phenomenon, i.e. how a crew member wearing a red shirt is basically like wearing a sign that says “Kill Me, Yahweh! Kill Me Good and Dead!” Here’s a snippet, and it truly is a snippet, because when we say in-depth we mean it:

As the data shows, Captain Kirk “making contact” with alien women has an impact on the crew’s survival. The red-shirt death rate is higher when a fight breaks out than when Kirk meets a woman and a fight breaks out. Yet the analysis shows that meeting Kirk meeting women only happens in 30% of the missions.

We can reliably improve the survivability of the red-shirted crewmen by only exploring peaceful, female-only planets (android and alien females included).

I’m sure Kirk would have no problem with that. It’s excellent work and worth checking out. Thanks to Annodoom for pointing it out.

Now what’s curious is that WordPress has announced new red t-shirts. Does this increase your chances of dying while blogging if you wear these?

Shirts found via ProBlogger.

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