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Voltron Film News: But… They’re Still Gonna Kill Sven, Right?


Since Transformers was a hit, many more 1980s cartoons are getting Live Action retrofits drenched in CGI and just a bit of the explody.

According to Variety, the latest candidate for the treatment is Voltron: Defender of the Universe. New Regency appears to fancy the Lion Version (because it seems the prospect of bringing the vehicle team to a cinema near you may trigger unintended Wing Commander flashbacks).

The flick will move the action to (what else?) a post-apocalyptic Earth, where five survivors of said apocalypse will stumble upon the Lions, and attempt to use them to fend off an invading alien race. And yes–I’m sure someone will form the head.

The script’s being handled by Justin Marks–who’s also currently cut and pasting Green Arrow and Masters of the Universe for Warner Bros.

Voltron and He-Man join an already crowded array of 1980s toon ficks actively in the pipe. GI Joe, Thundercats, Street Fighter, Smurfs, AND Alvin and the Chipmunks are already under way.

The Go Bots, the Snorks, and the Gummi Bears could not be reached for comment.

And yes, we will probably bring this up at the Make the Bad Men Stop panel.

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