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Comedy DVD Threesome: Aqua Teen, Blades of Glory and South Park

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie DVD Blades of Glory South Park Season 10

The complete title, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters for DVD, still loses out to Borat‘s complete title for longest and most absurd film title of the past ten years. Regardless, the film, despite not having a tremendous performance at the box office, was produced for all of $750K. So it’s pretty easy to turn a profit–which should get even easier now that Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers have released this to DVD. Especially when you consider it’s a two-disc set, which hardcore fans will appreciate, twisted little bastages that they are. You get a commentary track, behind the scenes featurette, an alternate “deleted movie” version of the movie, alternate “fake” endings, deleted scenes, an interview of Dana “Madman” Snyder, and much more. Is it a return to the salad days, like “Dumber Dolls” and “Broodwich”? Nah. But still moderately amusing. (Buy it from Amazon.)

Next up is Blades of Glory, which would have been an easy rental pick for anybody had it not been for Will Ferrell, whose mutant ability is to augment the box office of any movie. Stranger Than Fiction…would it have even hit $40 million were it not for Ferrell? Probably not. And in the right film arena, he can take rentals like this one and make them into $100M+ box office winners. Fascinating. The premise is nothing more than an excuse to get Ferrell and partner Jon Heder onto the ice so they can lampoon ice skating, but really…that’s all you need. And, you know, The Cutting Edge it ain’t. It is indeed, though, a solid rental, as this DreamWorks release isn’t stacked, but has a decent showing: it comes with deleted scenes, a gag reel, alternate scenes, behind the scenes bits and more. (Buy it from Amazon.)

Finally, we have South Park: The Complete Tenth Season. Say what you want about the series (which is still plugging along and gotten another lease on life with the latest deal Parker and Stone have signed), but there are moments of sheer genius here in this Paramount/Comedy Central release. The Buck Rogers opening parody. The dispatching of Chef. The war against Family Guy. The arrival of Richard Dawkins. And the World of Warcraft episode which was developed with Blizzard’s help which showed the kids giving up their lives to play it–and there’s a 14-day Trial CD of World of Warcraft in here. That’s pretty fricking funny, folks. Apart from all fourteen episodes across three discs you get commentary on every one by Parker and Stone. They’re mini commentaries, which means they talk until they don’t feel like talking anymore. Fans are going to want to grab it. (Buy it from Amazon.)