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Taking Han’s Place in the Carbonite

Rob in Carbonite

So how do you get a life-size replica of yourself, frozen in carbonite and awaiting transport by Boba Fett back to the clutches of the Hutt?

Well, chances are good that you just don’t. Unless you’re Rob. Check it out:

KNB Effects in the valley took an algae mold of my entire head, then cut off Han Solo’s, and replaced it with mine. They even added the frozen saliva that rushed out when Han got frozen.

Read his full story and see the full pics at The Sneeze here.

So let’s think about this: if Rob got taken away by Boba Fett by mistake while Han got off free and clear…hmm. You realize that puts us within about three inches away from this being the end of the movie version of Hair, right?

Found via Neatorama.

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