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Custom Marvel Zombie Action Figures

Marvel Zombies Action Figures

So at DragonCon this year, the big costume thing was Marvel Zombies. And whoever you guys were running around as Marvel Zombies: guys, bravo. Every single one I ran across was pretty damn badass. (I hereby remind everybody that I want to see Harry Potter Zombies next year. I’m fucking serious. Get on it right now.)

And apparently zombies are it (and of course) because now we’ve got custom made Marvel Zombies action figures. And they are pretty damn badass too. I mean these things look nasty. Check out Zombie Thor there. Just badass. Make sure you go look at all of them.

Okay, here’s another free idea. And you can take this to both big companies, because I think this should be the next big company crossover: Marvel Zombies vs. the DCU. Or, you know, some alternate version of the DCU–whatever, they confuse the shit out of me these days. But think of the glorious chaos. There’s your Final Crisis right there, jokers. Get on that too, would you?

Found via Neatorama.

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