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Calvin and Hobbes “Improved” For Modern Audiences?

Calvin and Hobbes, edited cuz yer stupid

Chazzie-nominated Jamie Smart, creator of the wonderfully demented comic Bear, has pointed out something really damn dumb: somebody updated a Calvin and Hobbes strip, removing the word “video” and replacing it with “DVD.” Jamie’s rant is spot on:

this irritates me on two main points. one, that whoever changed this is presuming we are so fucking backwards we don’t know what videos are, and can only communicate in modern day ipod-talk (y nt chnge th txt to txt tlk, cuz we r so fick?). two, that someone went into a drawn piece of art, cut out a chunk, and replaced it, because they thought it best. you can’t do that.

Read the whole thing here. Next thing you know, we’re going to have Charlie Brown checking his e-mail inbox since people don’t send a lot of written correspondence anymore. Also, we might want to “correct” the dialect of Pogo since it might confuse people. Bleh.