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When Your Toilet Could Be Skynet, You Have a Problem

This Korean toilet, the Woongjin Looloo BA01 is pretty scary, but the Toto Neorest is also frightening. It uses the word “oscillating” alongside one’s nether regions (which can be disturbing in certain contexts, for example: a toilet) and has a wireless control panel. I guess that’s so you can enjoy the range of the water sprayer things.

Think for a moment all the terrible things you would have done with this thing as a kid. Just for a moment, though. Let’s not get crazy.

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Update: It’s Toilet Night! No, just found another post from Pink Tentacle that fit this theme right after this one, so let’s slam it, shall we?

You can read more about this on the Pink Tentacle post, but this is apparently a toilet you can use while surrounded on all sides by a giant aquarium. It’s only for ladies, probably due to the fact that the sea turtle is a voyeur and a male.

What? Don’t look at me, that’s what the post says. I’m not making this up.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

What I really want, though, is to know what the hell that show is. “Local Secret”? I would watch the hell out of that, even without subtitles.