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New Server, Same Flagrant Disregard for Sleep's new server; we got it on special

So Needcoffee and our One Tusk sites have moved to a brand spanking new server. We had to, because no matter how hard we work at scaring you away, you just keep playing your ZZ Top tunes in our yard, ya damn kids. So okay, fine. We upgraded. A bit.

What does this mean to you, the consumer? Well, first of all, DNS propagation these days is pretty damn fast, but some of you might still be on the old box for a little bit. So don’t freak if it looks like we haven’t updated for a day or so and alluvasudden all your co-workers are talking about the latest and greatest on here and you feel left out and it starts to seem like maybe we’re all in a conspiracy against you.

We are, naturally. All of us here and everybody at your workplace. And your in-laws, too. In cahoots. But it has nothing to do with the server change. Just so you know.

This also means that things should be a bit snappier around here, at least as far as server speed goes.

But if you see something wonktified, please let me know.

And I will reiterate: never, ever become a webmaster. Just heed me in that, if nothing else.