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Premium Cola: I Thought They Were an Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune…

Premium Cola

What is Premium Cola? It’s a cola in Germany that split off from Afri-Cola, which had changed their recipe (presumably to “New Afri-Cola”), and these cola secessionists wanted the good old stuff (which Afri-Cola came back and did, presumably “Afri-Cola Classic”). And check this out, from The Consumerist:

There’s no salaries, no office, and no bosses, per se. All decisions are made equally by members of the cola collective. The drink is only sold to select locations in accord with the Premium Cola ideologies.

As an aside. “The Cola Collective?” That sounds like Kool-Aid Man’s version of the Legion of Doom, doesn’t it?

That’s not all, though. Get the full skinnee on them here.

And you thought 7UP was the un-cola.